Admissions Consultation 2024-25

We are required by law to consult when we make changes to the admissions policies and process.

Please see the consultation below:


Sinai Jewish Primary School are consulting on proposed changes to the Admissions Arrangements for 2024/25.


Details of the proposed changes and how to respond are as follows:-


Certificate of Religious Practice Form


The main changes to our admissions arrangements for the Certificate of Religious Practice (CRP) form, which is used to demonstrate eligibility for a priority faith place in our school. The changes being proposed are:


  • You can now collect synagogue attendance points on Friday night or Shabbat morning services for eligible dates (on only one service per Shabbat, but not points for both services on the same Shabbat), providing more opportunity to attend synagogue, including on Friday night where synagogues have put in place provision for recording CRP points.
  • Online synagogue services have been removed from the form, but placed in an emergency box at the bottom, which can only be used with the authorisation of the Chief Rabbi, in the event of a national emergency which prohibits in-person synagogue attendance.
  • The online CRP Judaism course is now the Tribe CRP Judaism Course, which runs in-person at a number of synagogues.



Nursery Admissions Policy


The main changes to our Nursery Admissions Policy are as follows:-

Right of Appeal

Parents who receive a letter to say that their application has not been successful have the right to appeal. Parents wishing to appeal must write to the School Office, within 20 days of receiving the letter of refusal. The procedure will be explained in a response by the School and the timetable for the process will be published on the School’s website ( by 28 February each year.  Parents making an appeal will receive at least 10 school days’ notice of their appeal hearing with decision letters being sent within 5 school days of the hearing wherever possible.


Reception-Y6 Admissions Policy

The main changes to the Reception-Year 6 Policy relates to point 4.

Oversubscription Criteria

1        Children who are looked after8 by a local authority, or a child who was previously looked after9, with a completed and valid CRP1.

2        Children currently attending Sinai’s Nursery who are in receipt of early years’ pupil premium, with a completed and valid CRP1.

3        Siblings10 of pupils attending the School on the date of admission, with a completed and valid CRP1.

4        Children who attend Sinai Nursery at the time of application with a completed and valid CRP1 to a maximum of 60 pupils.

5        Siblings of former pupils10 of the School, with a completed and valid CRP1.

6        Other children who have a completed and valid CRP1.

7        Other children who are looked after8 by a local authority, or other children who were previously looked after9 by a local authority.

8        Any other children.



The elements of our arrangements that are not changing are:


  • All other elements of the CRP form are not changing, including the sections on Jewish education and volunteering.
  • Our Published Admission Number remains 690.
  • All other elements of our published admissions arrangements, including our Admissions Policies, Supplementary Information form and Nursery Application Form, remain the same.


Please find attached a copy of our full admissions arrangements, including the revised Admissions Policies, Supplementary Information Form and Nursery Application Form and the revised Certificate of Religious Practice form.


If you have comments in relation to any of these changes, please send them to Emma Angel at


The consultation period will run from 1st December 2022 to 12th January 2023.


Admissions Consultation 2024-25


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