Rabbi Daniel Fine has been announced as our new Sinai School Rabbi. This is a real coup for our school as Rabbi Fine has been involved in youth and school education across the world, has written four books and has a degree in Law & Management from LSE and a Counselling course too. He has spent the last 5 years teaching sixth form at Hasmonean as well as being the Community Rabbi at Stanmore Synagogue. A busy father of 5, he has just been appointed as Director of the Seed Schools Programme and his innovative style and commitment to youth engagement make him a perfect fit for our school community. He will be a wonderful asset to our school and will provide Rabbinic guidance and support. He will also become a familiar face at our delightful Sinai celebrations. Our year 3 children and families were lucky to have him participate in their recent Chagigat Hachumash ceremonies.

Rabbi Fine is extremely excited to be part of the Sinai family, “From my work at Stanmore I have seen so many families who value the school so much, and from knowing and meeting the staff they all echo Mrs Liphsaw’s enthusiasm and appetite to make Sinai what it is. Having attended the recent Chagigat Hachumash I was so impressed and can’t wait!”

The photos show Rabbi Fine on a visit to Sinai last month when he blessed the children as they received their first Chumash.