At Sinai we are passionate about climate education and the role schools have to play in shaping young minds about climate change and sustainability. We aim to instil our children with lifelong climate positive habits.

Through our curriculum we hope to teach our children to understand the causes and consequences of climate change and empower them to take appropriate actions to adopt more sustainable lifestyles. Currently within our curriculum our children are taught about ocean conservation, natural disasters, rainforest destruction, natural resources and global trade. Regular assemblies and links in science week also support ongoing education.

Social responsibility

In addition to our geography curriculum, we have introduced a social responsibility thread that runs from Year 1 – Year 6. At Sinai we believe that ‘social responsibility’ means thinking about the bigger picture and living your life in a way which benefits society at large – including those living in other parts of the world. Teaching children to be socially responsible is vital for ensuring they can live happy, healthy, safe lives in the future. In many cases, the social responsibility theme links with the country/topic year groups are studying, enabling links throughout the year.

  • Year 1 - Ecosystems - why is nature special?
  • Year 2 - Finite Planet - where does this come from?
  • Year 3 - Finite Planet - reduce, reuse, recycle
  • Year 4 - Climate Change - know better, do better
  • Year 5 - Finite Planet - circular economies
  • Year 6 - Ethical Trading - fast fashion

School council

Due to the hard work of the school council, the school has achieved the ECO SCHOOLS GREEN FLAG AWARD which means we are officially an Eco School! This recognises the work of the school’s Eco-Committee and our commitment to sustainability, environmental awareness and a clean and cared for school environment. The judges noted, “Your achievements this year have been wonderful – all your hard work in school including your huge push on litter picking, reducing waste and your recycling efforts. Your energy saving efforts are to be commended…’

This academic year the school council are currently working towards the next award through the following projects;

  • Year 3 - Healthy Living
  • Year 4 - Litter
  • Year 5 - Energy and water usage
  • Year 6 - Global citizenship

Sinai are also working with Brent as part of the ‘Schools Climate Champions Network’ to support the introduction of a school climate action guide.

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