"Hands are the tools of the painter, the artist" Agnes Varda

At Sinai, our commitment to teaching Art and Design is driven by purpose, creativity and engagement. We are dedicated to inspiring and challenging our students, enabling them to convey their thoughts, emotions and perceptions through a diverse array of artistic mediums. 

Throughout their journey at Sinai, children embark on a captivating exploration of artistic activities including drawing, painting, collaging and crafting 3D models with clay and various materials. These experiences not only enhance their practical skills but also their confidence in expressing their creative voices.  

We equip our children with the knowledge and skills to experiment, innovate and create their own pieces of art, craft and design. As our children progress through Sinai, our curriculum provides opportunities for children to think critically and develop a profound understanding of the subject, enabling them to evaluate the work they produce. 

Our aspiration is to cultivate an appreciation of art and the ability to engage in informed and critical discussions about artists and various artistic styles. These artists come from diverse backgrounds, offering our children the invaluable lesson that there is no one size fits all in the world of art. 

We provide opportunities for our children to deepen their comprehension by delving into the works of a myriad of artists, craftspeople and designers, exploring their profound impact on culture and history. In Art and Design, children are encouraged to be true to their inner artists, immersing themselves fully in the fine arts, getting their hands messy, and allowing their creativity to flow without bounds.

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