At Sinai, we embrace the significance of cultivating cultural awareness and understanding diverse faiths and perspectives. In today’s multicultural society, these values are paramount in nurturing our children to engage with the world and embrace differences with open hearts. 

Our core principle revolves around promoting mutual respect and tolerance for those with different faiths and beliefs. Through these principles, we aim to immerse our children in the rich tapestry of our world, instilling in them a profound appreciation for the diverse communities they encounter. 

We want all of our pupils to leave Sinai with a deep understanding of various religions, allowing them to explore the fundamental values that shape these belief systems. To achieve this, our teaching takes a holistic approach, offering an overview of entire religions and worldviews rather than focusing solely on specific practices. about other religions, having explored their key values. 

Drawing inspiration from our  Jewish Studies and the school’s ethos, we empower our students to strengthen their knowledge and beliefs within Judaism. Our RW lessons, provide a unique opportunity for our students to explore the similarities and differences between other religions and Judaism. It is a time for reflection and celebration of their own faith.

The purpose of teaching Religions and Worldviews at Sinai is to enhance our children’s multicultural awareness and to prepare them positively for life in modern Britain. We believe that through these efforts, our children will not only be accepting of difference but will also become active and engaged citizens in a diverse and interconnected world.

RW Documents

Religions and Worldviews is not a statutory subject so parents do have the right to withdraw their child from all or part of the lessons. If you would like to discuss the contents of the Religions and Worldviews curriculum further then please contact Mrs Nathan. 

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