At Sinai, the teaching of history is a journey that leads our pupils to acquire a profound knowledge and understanding of Britain’s rich past and the broader canvas of world history.  Our mission is to ignite their curiosity, inspiring an insatiable hunger to explore the secrets of yesteryears. 

We believe History is not just about memorising dates and events; it's about unravelling the complexity of human lives, comprehending the intricacies of change, celebrating the diversity of societies, and exploring the intricate relationships between different groups. Through history, our students gain a deeper understanding of their own identities and the challenges of their time.

We empower our children to become history detectives, armed with the tools to uncover clues and solve historical puzzles using the available evidence.  This detective work is at the heart of our history curriculum at Sinai. We strive to provide a solid framework of knowledge and understanding, a scaffold upon which pupils can layer new information.

Through the study of history, our pupils come to understand their place in the world, emerging as informed and responsible citizens. Our history curriculum offers experiences that unlock the doors to historical knowledge through the lenses of historical inquiry, chronology, rich vocabulary, interpretation and an in-depth understanding of the causes and consequences of events.

Ultimately, history grants our children a voice. Through the exploration of our rich historical tapestry, we empower our students to grasp a deeper comprehension of the present, equipping them with the confidence to express their unique ideas and shape their future.

History Documents

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