At Sinai, our vision for Physical Education is simple yet powerful: every child should have the opportunity to engage in physical activity regularly. Through the multitude of sporting opportunities and physical activities we provide, we aspire to nurture a genuine love and passion for sports that will accompany our students throughout their lives.

Our commitment extends to ensuring that our children enjoy at least 2 hours of dynamic, exciting and active PE lessons every week. We prioritise their health and well-being by encouraging daily physical activity and fostering an understanding of the importance of a healthy, balanced diet and lifestyle.

We also aim to provide as many children as possible with opportunities to compete in a diverse range of sporting competitions. Through these experiences, we hope our students will not only develop physical skills but also build confidence, teamwork and the ability to win or lose with grace and sportsmanship.

PE and Sport are an integral part of the Sinai experience, and we anticipate this aspect to continue growing in the future. Our goal is to prepare our children for life beyond Sinai by equipping them with the physical, mental and social skills that will serve them well in any path they choose to pursue.


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