At Sinai, our vision is to ignite a passion for mathematics in every child while ensuring their success in the subject. Maths is more than a core subject; it’s a daily journey from Reception to Year 6 filled with opportunities for growth and discovery. 

We strive to enhance pupils’ enjoyment, resilience, understanding and attainment in maths. We place great emphasis on fostering deep conceptual understanding and mastering the world of numbers. To enrich mathematical concepts, we encourage children to apply their skills across the curriculum, creating vibrant connections in the wider world. 

Our maths lessons are about broadening the children’s comprehension of how maths transcends into the world beyond the classroom. We make rich and varied real life connections, bringing maths to life in an engaging and interactive manner. Every lesson is a dynamic, fast paced and fun experience where all students are fully immersed.

 We empower our children to articulate their mathematical reasoning by providing visual manipulatives and practical resources. This enables them to not only understand but also justify their mathematical thinking. Our curriculum is a gateway for exploration, discover and building on prior knowledge.  

We place a strong emphasis on increasing fluency and deepening understanding through regular practice and real world applications of mathematics outside of formal lessons. Our goal is to cultivate students who not only excel in mathematics but also carry a genuine love for the subject throughout their academic journey.

Maths Documents

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