Learning a modern foreign language enriches a child’s life both culturally and intellectually. It gives children the valuable opportunity to develop positive attitudes to languages and provides an opening to other cultures.

Starting in year 3 the children will embark on a journey of discovery of the French language; they will learn how to talk about themselves and their family, they will sing songs, read stories and perform role-plays and short plays.

French is an important language, spoken by more than 220 million people and a great language to learn. At Sinai our aim is for children to begin to develop a love of learning a language at primary school, which should encourage them to continue to learn a modern foreign language at secondary school.

At Sinai we focus on oral work and learning is based around fun games and activities. The children learn the basic structure of the language; they develop their listening, reading and communication skills. We gradually build up their vocabulary and increase their confidence which allows them to take part in simple conversations, express their opinions and communicate with greater spontaneity. By the end of year 6 the children should have a have a solid foundation for learning further languages in the future.

Homework Information

Pupils are set a variety of homework activities.

  • Vocabulary learning involves learning a maximum of 15 words for a spelling test or learning a few lines of a play.
  • Written homework may include designing posters, brochures and menus or writing a short poem, song or story in French.
  • Research homework whereby your child finds out about a French speaking country, a French festival or sporting event in France.

How can you help your child at home?

Parents can help their children in a number of ways: they can test them on their vocabulary when preparing for vocabulary tests and encourage them to use ‘look, cover, write’ to practise the spelling. They can ensure that they spend sufficient time on their homework and remind them to proof read their work as well as to reflect on the presentation.

The Collins Primary Illustrated French Dictionary which your child can use when completing homework tasks is a useful investment.

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