At Sinai, our geography curriculum serves as a compass guiding our students toward a deep understanding of the world that surrounds them. Geography isn’t just about maps and coordinates; it’s about empowering our children to embark on a journey of self-discover within their local community and then expanding their horizons to explore the broader world. 

Through geography, we aim to inspire our children to become global citizens. We want them to not only recognise their place in the world but also to embrace the diversity, complexities and interconnectedness. By doing so, we aim to challenge prejudices, foster tolerance and develop a profound appreciation for the world around them. 

Our approach encourages critical and creative thinking, equipping students with the knowledge and understanding of diverse places and people. We believe that by fostering a curiosity about the world, we’re nurturing responsible individuals who value people, the environment and the sustainability of our planet. 

Through active exploration and collaborative learning, children develop essential life skills, including observation, communication and the ability to compare and contrast information about the world around them. Geography empowers our students to grow, both inside and outside the classroom, reinforcing their character, core geographical skills and instilling a resilient and open attitude towards learning that will serve them well as they continue their geographic explorations.


Geography Documents

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